Why You Should Attend A Women’s Conference


The list of reasons not to attend is long:

  1. It’s one more thing that takes you away from your family.
  2. The week is long – do you really need to give up a Saturday morning, too?
  3. What will you do with your kids?
  4. You won’t know anyone.
  5. The weather is supposed to be nice – the beach will be calling your name.
  6. You need to clean your house.
  7. Fill in the blank with your reason of choice.

The reasons to attend, however, are even longer.

  1. We’re making it as easy as possible.
  2. Free breakfast (including coffee – YES!)
  3. Free childcare (so you don’t have to find a babysitter!)
  4. We’ll be done by 12 – you can still make it to the beach.
  5. Your house probably isn’t as messy as you think. (Sorry we can’t help you with that one!)
  6. You may not know anyone when you get here, but you will when you leave!
  7. You’ll be hearing a message specifically designed for you!
  8. Authentic, powerful worship.
  9. Sometimes, you need to take time out of your hectic week to Refresh. Refuel. Refocus.

Our Women’s Conference is designed to give you a chance to fellowship with other women, and enjoy a morning of being lifted up through God’s Word, praise and worship and prayer.

You will be blessed with new and developing friendships with other believers, and find hope in the encouragement that you receive during the teaching.

It’s a win-win: You get a break from household chores and you’ll get a chance to refresh and refuel with the special message from God’s Word.

Join Cheryl Rice and worship leader Jenifer Smith, as they compel us to draw closer to Jesus. This special conference will help you refocus as you head back into the reality of your daily life.

It’s not too late – Register Now!