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Boot Camp Introduction

Preface and Introduction

This Christian Boot Camp course is intended to help Christians regardless of how long they have been a believer, to be grounded in the faith.

The subjects may seem peculiar to some. But time has shown them to be the most needed for Christians to understand their roots.

The cults derive more proselytes from Christian churches than it is comfortable to admit.

The reason must be that many do not know what they believe or why they believe it.

That is why this course is intended to stop that trend.

Also, an emphasis upon Christian doctrine is being eroded and becoming virtually non existent in many churches today.

The Emergent Church Movement along with the teaching of pragmatism has taken the focus off the sufficiency of Scripture and has replaced it with felt -needs and entertainment, leaving the 21st century church for the most part in an anemic condition.

This course is based on a historic conservative Christian worldview.

No apologies are made for the historic, fundamental approach to Bible doctrine.

Christians should have the security of knowing what they believe, and why they believe it.

Every Christian should have the advantage of understanding what happened to them and God’s plan for them.

As Christians grow in knowledge and understanding of the Bible, they become mature, stable and strong.

This is the reason why every Christian should avail themselves to every opportunity to learn sound doctrine.

With this word of caution; all learning must take place upon a sure foundation.

Otherwise, when the house of our faith is built, the foundation may crack or move and the whole house will fall.

A good foundation is laid for our faith by studying basic biblical precepts.

This course will help guide you in your study of these basic precepts and doctrines.

Every church is only as strong as its membership.

If Christians are strong or at least growing in strength, their lives will be productive for the Lord and the Lord’s work will prosper.

Furthermore, a basic understanding of the truth taught in this course is essential in a world filled with every doctrine from Arminianism to Zoroastrianism.

The church is responsible for teaching its members to observe all things and for building them up in the faith until they are no longer children tossed about with every wind of doctrine.

This course is intended to strengthen you in the faith to the benefit of both you and the church.

Every Christian should want to learn and grow in his faith to be mature, stable and strong.

The Bible commands us to “study to show ourselves approved unto God, workmen that do not need to be ashamed.” (2 Timothy 2:15)

So as we begin this study, let’s do so with expectation, joy and confidence that the Holy Spirit will teach you.

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