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Boot Camp Part 1 Lesson 1

Part I – Being a Christian

Lesson I The Definition and Determination of a Christian

Becoming a Christian is the most important event of your life. It changes your attitude, perspective and approach to life. Being a Christian is the most exciting thing that you could ever imagine. It will bring profound joy, genuine peace, permanent confidence and real purpose into your life. And the purpose of this lesson and those in your syllabus to follow is to help you discover and enjoy these qualities.


A question of major importance to many people is “Who am I” and another important question to consider is “How did I get here?”

First let us define a Christian.


A. How people define a Christian

There is a great deal of difference between what you are and what you have done.

B. How the Bible defines a Christian

John l:12
Romans 8:14 17
1John 3:1 2

Perhaps the most wonderful truth you will ever discover is this one:
A Christian is a child of God and the implications are enormous.

• He has God as his Father

• Heaven as his home

• And eternal life as a benefit.

But all this begs the questions: “How does one become a child of God?”


How Does One Become a Christian?

The only way a person can become a member of your family is either birth or adoption. And over and over in the scriptures the reference to the new (or spiritual) birth is made. So, in order to become a Christian a person must be born again, or born of the spirit.
John 3:1 13

A Christian is a child of God and he or she became God’s child when he experienced the new birth.
John l:12

Which begs another question how does one receive Christ and gain eternal life?

Well in order to understand this better we need to consider the:

A. Two elements in conversion
Mark 1:14-15
Acts 20:21;
The two elements are clear; they are repentance and faith and no one has ever been “born again” without experiencing these two works of grace in their heart.
Repentance is a genuine turning from sin toward God and here is where we need to do a deeper dive; first let’s look at:

1. Repentance
Acts 11: 15 18

2. Faith

Faith can be look upon as the positive response of the repentant heart. In repentance the negative element of turning from sin is dominant. In faith the positive element of trusting in Christ is dominant.

And please note that genuine faith is not mere intellectual assent to the facts of the Gospel. The Devil believes the facts and is still lost.

Faith is seen in this serious commitment as found in:
Luke 14:25 35.

But faith is not commitment; but true faith expresses itself in commitment.

Faith is not works of the law, as Paul says in
Romans 3:28

But true faith works
Ephesians 2:8 10

How can one know he or she is a Christian?

Well, when we experience repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, we are told in the scriptures that we are “born again”. Being born again means we are Children of God and thus a Christian.

But how can we “know”?
1John 5:11 13
Did you notice where John said that eternal life resides? He said that eternal life is (where) “in” Jesus, the Son. Therefore, if you have the Son you have eternal life!
Do you have Him?
Please take the time to answer the following questions yes or no.

1. Have you had an experience of Repentance? That is do you believe you are sinful, worthy of death and hell, have been convicted of it in your heart and being sorry for your sins, sought the Lord’s forgiveness? ____

2. Have you sincerely committed yourself to Him as your Lord and invited Jesus into your heart as Savior and Lord? ____
3. Did He say that if you ask He would come in? _____ (John 6:37; Rev. 3:20)

4. Do you believe He is truthful? (Titus 1:2) ____

5. Then did He come into your life?____
7. Do you then have the Son in your life?____
8. Based on 1John 5:11 12 what do you have if you have the Son? ______________


Lesson 1 Homework

This “homework” is to be for self reflection. You are not required to share it with anyone but yourself.


A. Read the following passages of Scripture
1. John 1:12
2. Romans 8:14 17,19
3. I John 3:1 2,10

B. Write the definition of a Christian.

A Christian is __ _________ ___ ______


A. Read and record how one becomes a Christian.
1. Read:
a. John 1:12
b. John 3:1 8
2. Record:
a. Jesus said you must be ________ ________

b. In order to be a Christian you ______ _______ _____ _______

B. Read and record the two elements of conversion which results in the new birth.
1. Read:
a. Acts 20:21
b. Mark 1: 15

2. Record the two elements of conversion.
1. __________________

2. ________________

C. Repentance

1. Read the following passages:
a. Matthew 3:1 2, 7 9
b. Matthew 4:17
c. Luke 3:1 14
d. Luke 13:1 5
e. Acts 2:37,38
f. Acts 3:19

2. Complete the following

a. What did John mean by “bring forth fruit worthy of repentance.”?
(Luke 3:8,10 14) _____________ your______________

Clue: What did the people ask of John in Luke 3:10,12 & 14?

b. Did Jesus mean the same thing as John the Baptist when He called upon people to repent?

Read (Matthew 4:17) (yes or no) ____

D. Faith

1. Read the following passages:
a. Luke 14:25 35
b. John 3:16
c. Romans 10:9,10 & 13
d. Ephesians 2:8 10
e. James 2:19 26
f. Romans 3:28

2. Complete the following
a. Does the grace of God provide faith as a gift of God? (yes or no) _________________ (Ephesians 2:8)

b. When one believes (has faith) in Christ he receives _______________ ___________. (John 3:16)

c. Does faith express itself in:

1). Works? (yes or no) _____________
Read (Eph. 2:10; James 2:20)

2). Are you committed to follow Christ as taught in Scripture ____ (Luke 14:25 35)

d. Can works save you? ____ (Romans 3:28)

E. Have you experienced repentance and faith in your conversion experience? ___

F. Think about the implications of being a child of God and record some below.

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