Boot Camp Part 2 Lesson 1

Christian Boot Camp
Part II
Being a Church Member
Lesson 1

The Nature and Origin of the Church

It is difficult to appreciate anything that is not understood. Perhaps that is the reason why so many have such a low esteem of the church. The church has been called by so many names and defined in so many ways until many do not know what one is. Hopefully this lesson will help answer questions of what is it and where and when did it originate?

I. The Nature of the church

A. The Greek Word – ekklasia

B. Different Kinds of Assemblies

C. Erroneous Terms

Note: What then is the definition of the New Testament church? Christ said He would build His assembly, or church, (Matthew 16:18). The New Testament church then is an assembly, which is built by Christ, for His purpose. Christ forms His assembly from those who are born again, who are baptized, and who join together to worship and serve Him. Therefore;

“A New Testament church is an assembly of born again, baptized believers who have joined together to worship and serve Jesus Christ, keeping His ordinances and following Him as their head.”

II. The Origin of the Church

(Matt. 18:15-16)

A. The First Church… (Matt. 18:17)

In Matthew 10 and Luke 6, we clearly see the beginning of the church. Jesus called unto Him His twelve apostles and from that time on they met together in service to their Lord. They learned from Him, they served Him, and they followed Him. They had all of the essential things that make up a church.

B. The First Use of the Word Church…(Matt. 16:16-18)

Note: A helpful way to study doctrine is by using the Rule of First Mentioned. In other words, find the first use of the word in the Bible. After asking the disciples whom they thought He was, Peter answered by saying, “. . . thou art the Christ, the Son of the Living God”. Jesus then stated certain things about His church. One, that it was His, the Son of the Living God’s.



Learning Activity

I. The Nature of the Church

A. Read the Following Passages Of Scripture

1. Matthew 18:15 20
2. Acts 8:1
3. Romans 16:3 5

B. Write the definition of a New Testament church as stated in this lesson. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

C. The Greek word for church simply means ______________________________ as stated in this lesson.

D. An ________________________ (church) can never be universal, it must be __________________

E. Was the church in Acts 8:1 universal or local? _________________.

F . Could the disciples have obeyed the Lord’s instructions in Matthew 18:15 20 if the church He was building was universal? ______ (yes or no).

II. The Origin of the Church

A. Read The Following Passages Of Scriptures:

1. Matthew 10:1 42
2. Luke 6:1 16
3. Matthew 16:13 20

B. Who built the church? (Matthew 16:13 20)________________.

C. When was the first church started? (Luke 6:13).



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