Boot Camp Part 2 Lesson 2

Christian Boot Camp
Part 2 Lesson 2
Being A Church Member

The Officers of the Church

Since the church is a local body of believers, the importance of the officers
of that body become evident. Every organization must have leaders, and
the church of our Lord Jesus Christ is no exception.

I. The Pastor/Elder

The Pastor/Elder is the human leader of the flock or "under-shepherd"
…that the "chief shepherd" has appointed.

A. There Are Three Words Describe This Officer

(I Peter 5:1-2)
(Acts 20:17-28).
(John 21:16)
(1Tim. 5:17)
(Heb. 13:17).
(1Cor. 9:16)

1. The first word is Bishop.
2. The second word is Elder.
3. The third word is Pastor.

B. These Three Words Describe the Same Office.

There are three places in the New Testament that makes it clear that these
three words describe the same office.

For example: (I Peter 5:12).
So I exhort the elders among you, as a fellow elder and a witness of the
sufferings of Christ, as well as a partaker in the glory that is going to be
revealed: shepherd the flock of God that is among you, exercising
oversight, not under compulsion, but willingly, as God would have you; not
for shameful gain, but eagerly;

C. These Three Words Reveal the Nature of the Office of Pastor.

The pastor (as he is called in most Baptist churches) is a person of
dignified rank or position. All who seek this office must be "called of the
Lord" to do so.(1Cor. 9:16)
D. There are at least 5 marks of a called Pastor/elder.
1. There must be an inner compulsion

2. There will be an outside influence

3. The one called will experience a loving concern

4. There is also an overwhelming constrain
5. The man who is called to preach comes under a sobering
The other officer given to help the pastor tend to the physical and spiritual
needs of the church is:

II. The Deacon

The Deacon is chosen by the church to help the pastor meet the needs of
the congregation.

A. One Word Describes This Office.

(1Timothy 3:8,12,13)
(Philippians 1:1)
The word is also translated "servant"
(Matthew 23:11
(Mark 9:35)
(John 12:26)
(Matthew 20:28).
The Greek word for deacon is, “Diakonois” to make dust.
Scripture teaches us that certain men are chosen to be deacons by the
church as was done in (Acts 6:18)
And this was done to help the pastor. Deacons have no authority. They are
not in a position of ruling as overseers as the pastors are. They are
servants who labor to meet the real needs of the congregation as they
The pastor is the leader of the church and the deacon is the servant of the
church and these two work together to care for the total needs of the

If these two officers do their jobs well, and if the congregation cooperates
with them, the church will prosper and will accomplish much for the Lord.
The church member should know his pastor and deacons, pray for them,
and seek to cooperate with the New Testament plan for the church.



I. The Pastor
A. Read the following passages of scripture.
1. Acts 20:1328
2. Ephesians 4:1016
3. 1 Timothy 3:17; 5:1, 17
4. Titus 1: 59
5. Hebrews 13:7, 17, 24
6. 1 Peter 5:14..
B. The word "bishop" connotes
C. The word "elder" connotes
D. The word "pastor" connotes
E. Bishop, elder, and pastor describe the same
F. The _________________________ is an "overseer".
(Acts 20:28)
G. The ________________ is a "feeder" or shepherd. (Acts 20:28)
II. The Deacon
A. Read the following passages of scripture.
1. Matthew 23:11
2. Mark 9:35
3. John 12:26
4. 1 Timothy 3:813
5. Philippians 1:1
6. Acts 6:18

B. The word deacon means
C. The first deacons were chosen to __________ _____________.
(Acts 6:2)
D. Deacons are chosen to serve the church as a helper to the
E. Deacons must be highly _________________________________
(I Timothy 3:813)

III. Fill in the blanks
A. The __________ leads the church, the ________ serves it.

B. The _____________ exercises governing authority by example,
office and instruction.

C. The church is responsible to support the _______________ by
supplying his needs. (1 Timothy 5:17)

D. The _____________ is a layman who holds his office to serve the
church and help the pastor.

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