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Boot Camp Pre-Assessment Quiz

Pre-assessment Quiz

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This is a multiple-choice quiz. No trick questions are used. Each question is based upon material that will be covered in this course. Circle the most correct answer. This is only for your eyes and can be used as a tool to evaluate what you have learned when you take it again at the end of the course.

1. The ordinances of the church are:
a. Baptism, foot washing, Lord’s Supper
b. Singing, preaching and praying
c. Witnessing, and baptism
d. Baptism, and the Lord’s Supper

2. We are sure we can never be lost once we are saved because:
a. Men choose God and never change their minds
b. God chose to save us before the world was formed and has predetermined our destiny
c. Satan is weak and cannot tempt us to sin
d. The new birth strips us of our sinful nature

3. To baptize means to:
a. Immerse in water
b. Sprinkle with water
c. Pour water on
d. Wash with water

4. A Christian is:
a. A person who goes to church
b. Someone who has made a profession of faith
c. A child of God
d. Someone who believes in God

5. The two elements of conversion are:
a. Confession and repentance
b. Repentance and faith
c. Faith and baptism
d. Baptism and confession

6. Baptism portrays:
a. Faith
b. Sanctification
c. Repentance
d. Forgiveness

7. The servant of the church is:
a. The Pastor
b. The deacon
c. The prophet
d. The usher

8. One becomes a Christian through:
a. Being baptized
b. Being adopted
c. Being convicted
d. Being born again

9. The Lord’s Supper is only for:
a. The saved
b. The person who has made a profession of faith
c. Those who are born again and are baptized members of a New Testament church
d. Those who are members of a church and profess to be saved

10. The New Birth is:
a. Spiritual and gives us spiritual life
b. Spiritual and gives us longer physical life
c. Physical and gives us spiritual life
d. Physical and gives us longer physical life

11. The one in charge of feeding and supervising the church is:
a. The elder/pastors
b. The deacon
c. The prophet
d. The kitchen committee

12. A person receives the Holy Spirit:
a. When he is baptized
b. When he is convicted
c. When he is born again
d. When he joins the church

13. The elements of the Lord’s supper are:
a. Bread and bone that represent the body
b. Bread and grape juice that represents His body and blood
c. Bread and fermented wine that represent His body and
d. Not able to be known by the common person

14. God’s goal for Christians is that we be:
a. Good
b. Like Jesus
c. Free from sorrows in this life
d. Free to sin all we want

15. The following titles all describe the same office:
a. Deacon, elder, bishop
b. Pastor, deacon, prophet
c. Pastor, elder, bishop
d. Bishop, pope, cardinal

16. As a baptized Christian we have a position in:
a. The family, kingdom and church of God
b. The millennium, tribulation and wrath of God
c. The world, heaven and house of God
d. The church, family and judgment of God

17. The two officers of the church are:
a. Elder and bishop
b. Elder/pastor and deacon
c. Deacon and apostle
d. Prophet and bishop

18. The church is represented in Scripture by:
a. A flame and water
b. A building and a bridge
c. A fire and an army
d. A building and a body

19. The church began:
a. On the day of Pentecost
b. When Jesus called out His disciples
c. In the Old Testament
d. When Jesus ascended into heaven

20. The elect are those:
a. Whom God has chosen
b. Who have chosen God
c. Whom God has rejected
d. Who have not sinned as much as others

21. We enter the Kingdom of God:
a. By overcoming sin
b. When we are born again
c. When we are baptized
d. Through conflict

22. Grace is:
a. God’s sentimental attachment to man
b. God’s unmerited favor toward man
c. God’s unconditional love for man
d. God’s plan to save every man

23. The Church is:
a. All of God’s people everywhere
b. A local group of professing believers who do good works and use the name of Jesus
c. All baptized people of the world
d. A local assembly of born again, baptized believers who meet together to worship and serve the Lord

24. True disciples believe that man is:
a. Body and spirit
b. Spirit only
c. Soul and spirit
d. Body, soul and spirit

25. The cornerstone of the church’s foundation when represented as a structure is:
a. Peter
b. Paul
c. Jesus
d. David

26. The church as a body has:
a. Christians for its members and Jesus for its head
b. Christians for the branches and Jesus for its vine
c. Members who are not connected in any way
d. A head which is not connected to the members

27. Historically Christians have believed in the:
a. Partial, dynamic (thought only) inspiration of the Bible
b. Private, wordless inspiration of the Bible
c. Plenary (full), verbal (every word) inspiration of the Bible
d. Plenary (full), dynamic (thought only) inspiration of the Bible

28. True disciples believe that God is:
a. All things to all people
b. A triune being
c. Buddha, Allah, Confucius and Jesus
d. An impersonal force

29. True disciples believe man:
a. Was created in God’s image and became a sinner
b. Evolved into God’s image and is overcoming his sinful nature
c. Was created a lower form of life and is growing into a higher form.
d. Is a god himself

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