Bootcamp Part 3 Lesson 3

Christian Boot Camp
Part 3 Lesson 3

What true disciples believe about God and man…

The Bible is a record of God's revelation of Himself to man, but it
is also a revelation of the character and condition of man. The
purpose of this lesson is to present an abbreviated glimpse into these
two important doctrines.

I. What True Disciples Believe About God

True disciples believe that ". . . there is only one living and true God".
And He reveals Himself to us as three distinct persons.

A. God the Father

B. God the Son

C. God the Holy Spirit

(1Kings 18:39)
(Exodus 3:14)
(John 1:1)
(Colossians 1:16)
(Romans 5:89)
(John 19:30)
(John 16:814)
(Acts 2:13)
(Ephesians 1:1314)
(Romans 8:910)
(Colossians 1:27)

II. What True Disciples Believe About Man

A. He is a Creation of God

B. He is in The Image Of God

C. He is a Fallen Creature


Man is a sinner. He is created in the image of God but that image is
marred by sin. Man was made to fellowship with God but sin ruptured
that purpose. All men are depraved and stand in need of salvation.
But even though their very nature is corrupt man is still the subject of
God's love. God seeks out sinful men to redeem them.


Pt 3 Lesson 3

What True Disciples Believe About God and Man

I. What We Believe About God
A. Read the following passages of scriptures.
1. Exodus 3:14
2. Leviticus 20:7
3. John 1:15; 10:30; 14:920, 26
4. I John 5:69
5. Romans 8:911
B. God's chief attribute is ________________ (Leviticus 20:7)
C. Jehovah means ___ ______that ____ _________ (Exodus 3:14)
D. Jesus is the _______________ (John 1:1).
E. The comforter is the ________ ________________(John 14:26)
F. Triune means __________in __________.
G. God is a ______________________________God. (1John 5:69)
H. Jesus said _______and _____ __________are ___________.
I. The Holy Spirit convicts of ______, ______________ and
_________________. (John 16:814)
J. The Spirit of God is the Spirit of ____________. (Romans 8:9)

II. What We believe about Man
A. Read the following passages of scriptures.
1. Genesis 2:125; 3:124
2. Romans 1:1732
3. Romans 3:1018; 23; 6:23
B. Man was _______________by God, he did not evolve. (Genesis 2:7)
C. God formed man from the _________of the ____________. (Genesis 2:7).

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