Revelation Chapter 17

Revelation Chapter 17 Antichrist starts his reign in Rome where he establishes himself as the supreme leader of the Revived Roman Empire. He also will spend much of his time in Jerusalem where he will eventually establish himself as the supreme object of worship. And then his center for his economic and political empire will … [Read more…]

Bootcamp Part 3 Lesson 2

Christian Boot Camp Part. 3 Lesson 2 What True Disciples Believe about the Bible What a person believes about the Bible is very important. His belief about the scriptures will affect every other doctrine. The view of the Bible is really a watershed in a person's life. If he is a little to one side … [Read more…]

Bootcamp Part 3 Lesson 1

Christian Boot Camp Part III What it Means to be a Disciple Lesson 1 In the next 5 lessons concerning what it means to be a disciple, hopefully we will be introduced to Christian history and foundational doctrine. If a person knows the history and doctrine of Our Lord’s churches, he is bound to appreciate … [Read more…]

Revelation Chapter 15

Revelation A Scene in Heaven Chapter 15 In this passage we are privileged to have a peek behind the curtain to see what is about to happen just prior to the return of Christ to establish His kingdom. It will be a time just before the great judgment of God being released upon a sin … [Read more…]

Revelation Chapter 14:14-20

Revelation Chapter 14:14-20 The Final Harvest Our text tonight deals with the final harvest of the earth, the final reaping when the Lord Jesus Christ reaps the earth in judgment. Matthew 3:7 2Pet. 3:10 Romans 2:5-6 2 Thess. 1:7-9 Matthew 24:15-22 Matthew 25:31-34;41 Isaiah 13:11-13 Isaiah 63:1-6 Joel 3:1-2; 9-12 We will see two phases … [Read more…]

Revelation Chapter 14:6-12

Revelation Chapter 14:6-12 A message of Doom and Gloom Yet a message of Grace Scripture tells us that life in this world especially for believers will progressively get worse. In fact, in 2Timothy chapter 3 Paul tells Timothy to warn the believers, that before we taken out of this world it is very likely that … [Read more…]

Revelations Chapter 14

Revelation Living Triumphant in Difficult Times Chapter 14 When the word of God talks about believers it has many readily identifiable monikers with some that identify who we are and others that identify our purpose. Many times, we are described as more than conquerors and victors… But sadly, in spite of our identity as overcomers … [Read more…]

Revelation Chapter 13

Revelation Chapter 13 The Great Counterfeiter The astounding description of the Antichrist presented in the opening verses of Revelation13 is the most gripping, and through, and dramatic in all of Scripture. (1John 2:18) (Rev. 11:7) (Rev.12:9) (Rev.12:12) Before we unpack this chapter, I want to share: Seven Characteristics of The Antichrist 1. His _____________…v1 “And … [Read more…]

Revelation Chapter 11

Two Unusual Witnesses Revelation 11:1-14 Lesson 11 Throughout history God has faithfully sent His spokesmen to call sinners to repentance and during the Tribulation there is no difference. The ___________ Witnesses These two witnesses will fearlessly proclaim the gospel during the last half of the seven-year tribulation. I. The _____________ Temple…vs 1-2 After His renewed … [Read more…]