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Revelation Chapter 14:14-20

Chapter 14:14-20
The Final Harvest

Our text tonight deals with the final harvest of the earth, the final
reaping when the Lord Jesus Christ reaps the earth in judgment.
Matthew 3:7
2Pet. 3:10
Romans 2:5-6
2 Thess. 1:7-9
Matthew 24:15-22
Matthew 25:31-34;41
Isaiah 13:11-13
Isaiah 63:1-6
Joel 3:1-2; 9-12
We will see two phases of finality with this judgment

I. The grain harvest…vs14-16

A. The Reaper of the Harvest…vs 14b

B. The Ripeness of the Harvest…vs 15

C. The Reaping of the Harvest….vs 16

II. The grape harvest…vs18-20
A. The Grand Finale….v19

B. The Great Battle of Armageddon…Rev. 19:11-21

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