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Revelation Chapter 14:6-12

Revelation Chapter 14:6-12
A message of Doom and Gloom
Yet a message of Grace

Scripture tells us that life in this world especially for believers will progressively get worse. In fact, in 2Timothy chapter 3 Paul tells Timothy to warn the believers, that before we taken out of this world it is very likely that (we can as the day of the Lord approaches) expect difficult times and that is nothing compared to the 7 tribulations for the unbelievers.

I. The First Angels Message…vs 6

Isaiah 59:1-2
John 14:6
Matthew 24:14

A. The Angel’s Emphasis …vs7a

Proverbs 9:10
Proverbs 23:17
1 Peter 2:17

B. The Angel’s Proclamation…v7b

II. The Second Angel’s Message….vs8

Isaiah 14:13-14

A. The Angel’s illustration…v8

B. The Angel’s Repetition…v8

III. The Third Angel’s Message…vs9-10

A. The Angel’s Pronouncement….9b-10

B. The Angel’s Invitation…verse 9

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