Revelation Chapter 17

Revelation Chapter 17

Antichrist starts his reign in Rome where he establishes himself as
the supreme leader of the Revived Roman Empire. He also will spend
much of his time in Jerusalem where he will eventually establish
himself as the supreme object of worship. And then his center for his
economic and political empire will be in Babylon.

I. The Great Whore (False Religion) _____________

  • a.  Originated in __________ by the first world leader
    • i. On the plains of Shinar
    • ii. By Nimrod
    • iii. To defy God
    • iv. Used to study the stars
    • v. Established astrology, sorcery
  • b. Nimrod also started another __________ movement
    • i. The first high priestess (Semiramis)
    • ii. She had a son (Tammuz)
    • iii. He was killed by a boar
    • iv. His mother mourned for 40 days
    • v. And he rose from the dead
    • vi. Establishing the cult worship of mother & child
    • ii. Also known as the queen of heaven mentioned in Jer.44:15
  • c. The ___________ of the false worship
    • i. The deity of the queen mother
    • ii. Forty days of lent
    • iii. Feast of Ishtar celebrating the resurrection of Tammuz
    • iv. The exchange of eggs symbolizing new birth
    • v. Ishtar is also pronounced “Easter” Ezekiel was instructed by the Lord to go and observe some of this cultic practice and the Lord called it an abomination…8:13-14
  • d. The False Religion moved to _________
    • i. The Roman emperor was named Pontifex Maximus (high priest)
    • ii. When Constantine held this position he decreed that all the heathen worship activities would now be Christian:
      • 1. Worship of the queen of heaven
      • 2. Eating of wafers
      • 3. Doctrine of purgatory
      • 4. Wearing of vestments
      • 5. And thousands more
  • iii. Years later after emperors, the office was called Bishop of Rome
  • iv. Eventually it included all the titles and responsibilities of the office that is now known as the Pope.

Just like in the days of Daniel in King Nebuchadnezzar’s court full of magicians, astrologers, and sorcerers calling on spirit guides and charts of heaven, we live in the same world today. The only difference is we also have liberal churches and parachurch organizations professing Christianity but denying the basic doctrines of the faith.
This is an example of the church which will be in existence at the time of Christ’s return and it is here today

II. The Great Whore (False Religion) _________

  • a. The Greek word for whore is ________
  • b. Which translates to harlot in the New Testament
    • i. This __________ prostitutes herself by claiming to be true to God but is untrue
    • ii. Spiritual adultery can only be performed by people who claim the name of God
    • iii. But actually serve other God’s … James 4:4
    • iv. Orthopraxy without orthodoxy is impossible and that is why so many today are committing spiritual adultery
    • v. Without the foundational doctrines of our faith being taught, all the positive thinking and positive messages in the world can not keep the us from committing spiritual adultery
  • c. The Harlot has ______ faces
    • i. The First Face is Apostasy
    • ii. It is everywhere today….1Tim. 4:1-2
      • 1. In the Churches
      • 2. In the Christian media
      • 3. In the Seminaries and Bible Colleges
        • What causes it…2Tim 4:3-4
          • 1. People desiring it
          • 2. People loving darkness
          • 3. People wanting to choose
    • iii. The Second Face is Deceiving Spirits
      • 1.The claiming of all religions are one
      • 2. There are many ways to heaven ….Jn 14:6
      • 3. Drug induced higher consciousness
      • 4. Karma
      • 5. Crystals
      • 6. Spirit guides
      • 7. Palm Readers
      • 8. All these and many more have their origin in Babylon (the doctrine of demons)
  • d. The Harlot’s _______ (Power and Politics)…v 17:18
    • i. It’s location
      • 1. Revived Roman Empire (Rome)
      • 2. Sits on 7 hills – the 7 hills of Rome
      • 3. Dressed in Purples and Scarlet
        • a. Representing rule
        • b. Politically (partnering with Antichrist)
        • c. Religiously (herself – the Beast)
      • 4. She dominates the world and for a time even Antichrist…vs15 The Great Whore combined with Catholicism, liberal protestant’s churches and the occult –spiritualism, will dominate the religious world system.
  • e. The Harlot’s _________ … Rev 17:6
    • i. True to her historical background
    • ii. Hardhearted and cruel
      • 1. Drunk with the blood of the saints
      • 2. Murderous of the those who claim the name of Jesus
        • a. Like during the days of the inquisition
        • b. Heartless cruelty and murder in the name of religion
        • c. Almost a million victims
        • d. By the direct order of the pope
        • e. Continued for 500 years “Rome has a history of being drunk with blood”…
        • f. The Harlot’s Mystery Beast _________ – v7,8
          • i. The first description of the beast was that he came from the sea…vs13
          • ii. Now we are told he comes from the Abyss
            • 1. When he first appeared he was just charismatic human
            • 2. Then is was killed and resurrected
            • 3. Then he becomes much more than just a human
              • a. He is a supernatural being
              • b. He comes from the pit of hell
              • c. He is a real monster
              • d. Demanding worship or death
    • iii. He is now describe as having 7 heads and 10 horns
      • 1. The 7 heads have two meanings:
        • a. 7 mountains – meaning the 7 hills of Rome
        • b. 7 kings…vs 9-11
      • 2. 5 Roman kings (have fallen) have come and gone when John writes this prophecy
        • 1. Julius
        • 2. Tiberius
        • 3. Caligula
        • 4. Claudius
        • 5. Nero

The reigning king Domitian (one is) -and is the one who send John to Patmos. The beast is the seventh king that reigns for 3½ yrs. Next week (Lord Willing) we will take a bite at a time in this chapter and in the first 6 verse see three things

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