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Revelations Chapter 14

Living Triumphant in Difficult Times
Chapter 14

When the word of God talks about believers it has many readily identifiable monikers with some that identify who we are and others that identify our purpose. Many times, we are described as more than conquerors and victors… But sadly, in spite of our identity as overcomers and victors we still lose way to many battles with the world, the flesh, and the devil.

Which begs the question, “how can we live up to our identity?
Well, in our text tonight we meet a group of people that demonstrate to us what is necessary to live triumphantly in Christ.

I. They believed in the ________ of God to __________…v1

1Peter 1:5
Zachariah 4:6
Phil. 1:6
Jude 1:24
John 6:39

II. They believed in ___________ God in _________…v 2

Psalm 137:1-4
Luke 15:10
Psalm 33,
Psalm 40
Psalm 96
Psalm 144,
Psalm 149

III. They believed in the principle of ________ of ______…v4-5

John 14:15,
1Peter 1:16

IV. They believe in a __________ _____________ singular…

They have one purpose for their life. They will serve the Lord and they will proclaim the gospel out of a pure life to a perishing and hating world. That kind of focus and that kind of purpose, that kind of decisiveness, that kind of clarity of life goal I think is so much the part of one who lives triumphantly



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