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The Brand of Christians

Church branding has taken over in our society. Churches are starting to rely on slick slogans, eloquent speech, quaint stories, massive stage productions, coffee shops and logo aesthetics. Many believe that those things have the power to draw people to the cross of Calvary..that the gospel of Jesus Christ has lost its power and needs help to get people into church.

Jesus doesn’t need a slick slogan, an eloquent speaker or a brand. He needs people who are ready and willing, no matter their circumstance, whether rich, poor or in between to be the gospel givers.

The world cannot comprehend the glory of the resurrected Messiah. This is a hidden glory and we must preach a hidden kingdom. But our preaching, our sharing is not benign to lost people. The whole world lies under the spell of Satan, and so we must suffer in our preaching and sharing of the gospel.
The call that is above every call is nonetheless a call to suffer and die if need be to preach the gospel.

(Owen D. Strachan)

Outside the four walls of a church is where you will see and experience the gospel in action. You see it every time you begin to share the good news of the gospel.

Contrary to what some ‘experts’ will tell you, the message has been and must always stay the same: Jesus. Jesus is the gospel. Jesus is the brand.

As we celebrate Christmas, share the only message that has the power to change lives: Jesus has come.

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